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An Act of Love

Planning for your future, even for the event of your death is a loving act of compassion to be shared with those helping with your end-of-life care.

You might want to be buried near your family, a community that's important to you, or where you grew up. With seventeen locations throughout our region, you have the flexibility to choose a burial option that suits your needs, in a convenient location.

Our experienced team will build relationships with you and your family to help ensure that your wishes are carried out in a reverent manner at the time of your death.

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Getting Started:




Begin the conversation with your loved ones, and those who will be helping care for you. It may be uncomfortable at first, but it may bring you peace of mind to articulate your wishes.



Start to think about where you would like to have a funeral Mass and be buried. Explore the various options available on our service offerings page.



When you're ready, call one of our memorial planning advisors to set up a discovery meeting, and begin the planning process with one of our experienced team members

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