Fifth Sunday of Lent 2023

Lent 5 2023

Hopefully, this desert season has made it possible for you to rely more fully on God’s grace. For some of us, there may have been a few bumps in the road, possibly even some wrong turns. Please be encouraged, dear friend, because this road takes us to the cross, but it is destined for heaven.

In last week’s Gospel, God gave us a physical sign that had spiritual significance. He does the same this week in the story of Lazarus. Last week, Jesus’ healing of the blind man taught us he had the power to forgive sin. This week, we learn that he has the power to raise from the dead – both physically and spiritually. “This illness is not to end in death, but is for the glory of God.”

When we began this pilgrimage, we invited you to contemplate your own death. It is an eventual reality for all of us, but as faithful Christians, God has given our lives a plot twist as well. Physical death itself will not end in death, but in resurrection to eternal life. “I have promised, and I will do it, says the LORD.”

The Prophet Ezekiel spoke with power in the first reading, and we invite you to embrace this promise! We also invite you to visit Catholic Cemeteries when you are able. You will find that our cemeteries are places of prayer that whisper the hope of our blessed expectation. They are not final resting places, but a bridge to the communion of saints.


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