Palm Sunday 2023

PS 2023

This week begins with our Lord’s entrance into Jerusalem. It is not what you might expect for a king. He arrives humbly and riding on a donkey, but how beautiful is this scene! A very large crowd gathers to honor him and to voice their praise on this day! Then, in the Gospel, we see something altogether different. Another large crowd gathers to voice their anger, as they taunt, torture, condemn and eventually kill Jesus.

How can we be among those who recognize the face of our Lord throughout Holy Week? How can we speak our praises and gratitude for the great sacrifice he provides? Adoration offers this opportunity and it allows us some time to pray with Jesus during his Agony in the Garden. By attending Stations of the Cross, we can be a witness and a comfort to our Lord in his time of suffering.

Christ’s Passion and Death seemed to be an occasion of despair, but this was not the case. If Palm Sunday and Good Friday provide contrast, how much more of a contrast are Good Friday and Easter! 

Christ’s Death opened a fountain of life – an ocean of love and mercy – for all people for all ages. We know that God desires mercy more than sacrifice (Hosea 6:6 and again in Matthew 9:13). Here, we see God has provided the perfect sacrifice – the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Let us offer this to our Heavenly Father, along with a contrite heart! We honor this sacrifice every time we ask for mercy, grant it, and trust in Jesus.

Your friends at Catholic Cemeteries continue to pray with you and for you this Lent. We are witnesses to our Catholic faith – to Christ’s Death and Resurrection – as we observe reverence for the deceased, compassion for the living and we offer hope for spiritual communion.


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