Fourth Sunday of Lent 2023

Lent 4 2023

In the Gospel reading this Sunday, Jesus performed a miracle – he gave sight to a blind man. This action has the immediate consequence of helping one man see, but it has the eternal significance of giving light to the entire world.

At the time of Christ’s public ministry, people believed that afflictions like blindness were the result of personal sin. When the disciples inquired about this, Jesus said that he had performed the miracle “so that the works of God would be made visible.”

Jesus, the Light of the World, gives us a physical sign of a spiritual reality. He reveals his divinity as well as his beautiful and glorious work – the ability to forgive sin!

In the Sacrament of Reconciliation, we are blessed with a physical sign of God’s love and mercy, and we receive grace to help us avoid sin in the future. Our Lenten scriptures have been nudging us toward this powerful sacrament. Now is a very acceptable time to seek God’s mercy and grace!

Your friends at Catholic Cemeteries continue to pray with you and for you during this sacred season. May our eyes be opened by the works of our Lord and may we “live as children of light” this Lent and always – as together we await the blessed hope!


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